How To Make a Reverse Canvas

How To Make a Reverse Canvas

Tired of using basic wrapped canvas to create art? If you’re anything like me then you like to mix it up when it comes to creating crafts. 

A few years ago, I saw some simply beautiful canvas art pieces in a craft supply store and thought to myself, “I can make that for a fraction of the price it would cost to purchase.” So, here we are today, where “By George!“, I’ve done it. The crafter that I am, I like to figure out stuff on my own, no directions or online tutorials, just trial and error. That’s my favorite way to create! 

I had a bundle of wrapped canvas frames sitting around in the studio from a Hobby Lobby splurge and decided to take a shot at creating a reverse canvas. I grabbed two frames just in case I screwed up the first one. To my surprise the reverse canvas wasn’t hard to create, even though I did get a couple scratches from the removal of the staples. Anyway that’s enough rambling let’s get down to business.

How To Make a Reverse Canvas
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Supplies Needed:
Wrapped Canvas
Butter Knife or Flat Screwdriver
Hot Glue Gun or E6000 Glue

Step 1: Turn the wrapped canvas over so that the stapled side is facing up. 

Step 2: Using a butter knife or flat head screwdriver, carefully remove all the staples.
Step 3: Once the staples are removed, unwrap the canvas from the wooden frame.
Step 4: Spread out the canvas on a flat surface and place the wood frame centered on top. Then, with a pencil lightly trace the outline of the frame onto the canvas.
Step 5: Cut the pencil traced canvas outline (You should be left with a shape the same size as the wooden frame.)
Step 6: Place the canvas outline over the back side of the wooden frame (The side that has the staple holes.

Step 7: Attach the canvas to the frame using a hot glue gun or E6000 glue. Let dry completely.

Craft Tip: 
Decorate your new reversed canvas with Vinyl from Cricut.
My Favorite Vinyl | Gold Glitter
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