Which Drawing Method is Better: Pencil or Graphic Tablet?

Being a graphic artist allows you to express your creative side on more than one occasion. Whether it be for creating work projects or just drawing for fun. At the beginning or in the middle of your design career you may encounter yourself asking this question: Which Drawing Method is Better: Pencil or Graphic Tablet?

Pencil Drawing Method
1. Can make drawings on any type of paper.
2. Portable – can create drawings at home, work, on the road, in a park, etc.
3. Can create easy variations of line shape and shading.
4. Can easily erase a mistake
5. Might be more comfortable drawing with.

1. If you draw too hard it can be hard to completely erase mistakes.
2. Pencil point may keep breaking.
3. If you’re unorganized you may have to always search for a pencil.
4. You have to keep track of all your drawings if done on separate sheets of paper.
5. If you want to add color to your drawing you have to have coloring supplies on hand.
Graphic Tablet Drawing Method
1. More up to date method
2. Can create more styles, depths, and variations than a pencil.
3. Easier to erase without the mess.
4. Allows you to quickly save your drawings on a computer.
5. Can also be used as a mouse on your computer which makes it more versatile.

1. Need to be connected to a computer.
2. Graphic tablets may only work with certain computer systems.
3. Graphic tablets may only work with certain design programs.
4. Not easily portable.
5. Can be pricey.


In my opinion, one is not better than the other. It all depends on your personal preference. Sometimes it can be good to switch up your drawing method in order to produce different quality of drawings. 

Let me know which drawing method you prefer?