Top 5 Websites To Sell Clipart

Top 5 Websites To Sell Clipart

Did you just create your very first clip art image? Now it’s time to make your first sale. Besides creating your clip art image, this next step is extremely important. When looking for a website to sell clip art, you will want to focus on a few key details: 

Website Reputation (Does the site have good reviews from both shoppers and store owners?)

Profit (How much money will you get after the sale is complete?)

Fees (How much do you have to pay to list your clipart? Does the website have a final sale fee?)

Digital Download Capability (Does the website actually let you sell digital downloads, such as clip art?)

Throughout my last seven or so years as a graphic artist, I’ve joined a few websites mainly for the purpose of selling clipart. Here are the ones that I found to be acceptable and hold all the key details as mentioned above.
Top 5 Sites To Sell Clipart

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