Last Minute Christmas Craft

Last Minute Christmas Craft

Even though Christmas is less than 2 weeks away some people like me have a knack for last-minute shopping.

Well, in this case, last-minute simple Christmas crafts.

Today I’m sharing an easy last-minute diy Christmas craft that will make a perfect Christmas gift or decoration.

So, let’s get started!

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How To Make A Christmas Tree Facial Washcloth

Step 1: Gather all of your supplies.

Step 2: Open your facial washcloth so that it lays flat. Then, place your scrap piece of cardstock underneath the facial washcloth to prevent bleeding.

*Cardstock should be under the spot you want to paint your design.)

Step 3: Place stencil on chosen spot and tape down all four corners of stencil onto facial washcloth.

*This stencil was custom made for a customer, but here are similar stencils available for purchase.

Printable Christmas Stencils $2

Printable Christmas Tree Stencils $2

Step 4: Place a quarter size dot of your chosen paint color onto scrap cardstock paper.

Step 5: Using your sponge dabber, press it into your chosen paint color and lightly dab on the stencil. Repeat until stencil is completely filled in.

Step 6: Carefully remove tape and stencil. Next, place a penny size drop of your other paint color onto the scrap piece of cardstock. Then take a Q-tip and dip it into the paint and carefully make dots to fill in the ornaments on the tree. (I added an extra dot on top of the star.)

Step 7: Clean up your crafting area. Then, blow dry your stencils until dry to the touch. (Optional: Air dry instead of blow dry stencil)

*Read fabric paint label for complete instructions regarding drying time.

Step 8: Gift wrap your beautiful facial washcloth or hang it in your bathroom as a decorative Christmas piece.

We hope you had fun creating this simply diy Christmas craft!

Merry Christmas from NRC Design Studio!