Crafting On A Budget In January

Crafting On A Budget In January

Welcome to NRC Design Studio’s very first crafting on a budget blog post. Today I will be sharing my product find for the month of January and letting you know how to create this as a cute diy craft.

Beautiful Floral Vase

This floral vase caught my eye because of its simple yet eye-catching beauty. Even though pink is not in my top 3 favorite colors, these flowers definitely get a pass.

If you would purchase this floral vase in the store it might cost you anywhere from $10 and up. Don’t let me get started on the price if the flowers are real. But, I’m going to tell you how easy it is to create this product for under $5. Not only that, you can give this wonderful creation as gift or sell it on your website.

Materials Needed:


Step 1: Purchase your supplies from the list above or if you’re anything like me then you may have some materials already in your craft stash.

Step 2: Take your foam block and cut out a shape about the size of the opening of your white vase. Once you have your foam shape cut out, trim around the edges and remove enough so that you’re able to fit it inside your vase. Push your newly created foam shape into the vase.

Remember: Don’t push the foam all the way down into the vase. You want to be able to insert your flower stems into it later.

Step 3: Grab your faux flowers and trim the stems to your desired length using a wire cutter.

Step 4: Insert the flowers in a decorative manner one by one into the foam.

Step 5: You’re done! Place your new beautiful floral vase in the perfect spot.

Pssst! Don’t worry about the flowers dying because they’re fake.

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