Valentine Product Roundup – Etsy

As many of you may know, Etsy is a great marketplace to find a variety of products for numerous occasions. If you’ve never visited the website before I suggest you take a peek to see all the awesome creations by crafters and artists.

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day being right around the corner I’ve created a product round-up of some great Etsy finds that I’ve recently stumbled upon.

#1 Olive You Gift Wrap by DreamlikeStudios

DreamlikeStudios has a small but great selection of fun gift wrap. Their designs are a mixture of whimsical and colorful which is always a plus in my book.

#2 Kanye West Wrapping Paper by RumbleCards

RumbleCards has a variety of products including greeting cards, wrapping paper, stationery, and more. Their most popular items appear to be the celebrity-themed products which I think is perfect for hip hop enthusiasts.

#3 Sloth Wrapping Paper by BlushandBlossomPaper

BlushandBlossomPaper is a lovely shop that on first appearance it seems to specialize in just wedding products. But, if you dive deeper into their shop you will find some hidden gems, such as this adorable Valentine-themed wrapping paper.

#4 Valentine Hearts Wrapping Paper by JMDesign

JMDesign is a shop that has a small selection of great products. I just love their style of wrapping papers offered! In addition to their wrapping papers, they also sell adhesive canvas art.

It was extremely hard to narrow down my top picks while searching for my Valentine’s round-up on Etsy. If you’re in the market for some Valentine-themed wrapping paper I highly suggest checking out these shops listed above.