Crafting On A Budget in April

This month’s affordable craft* is handmade confetti. Confetti makes those special occasions in life even more special. So, having some confetti on hand is always a great idea.

Handmade Confetti

William Montout | Unsplash

*This month’s post is product and tool recommendations along with video tutorials that I’ve used to create handmade confetti.

Paper Recommendations:

Tissue Paper

Lightweight Cardstock Paper

Construction Paper*

*With my experience, construction paper is a little tricky to use especially if you’re using a craft punch. My tip is to use a really sharp craft punch for easy cutting or opt to use a paper shredder instead.

Tool Recommendations:

Craft Punch (Various shapes and sizes)

Paper Shredder


Helpful Youtube Video Tutorials:

Craft with Me by CraftingwithLiller

How To Make Tissue Paper Confetti by YummyPaper

Happy Crafting!

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